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"We want to make sure that not only do you get the perfect bespoke shirt from Pink, but that your experience is also exceptional."

James Field, Pink's Private Client Director is proud to introduce The Pink Bespoke: an experience entirely hand-crafted at our new workshop, 86a Meadow Road in the heart of London.

Made in England

Set in Vauxhall London, 86a Meadow Road has been designed to create bespoke shirts, which are fitted exactly to your taste.

It has been our mission to bring English shirtmaking right back to the heart of London, and we can not think of a better moment to do so than with the launch of The Pink Bespoke.

Portrait image of James Field
Inside a Pink Shirtmaker store
Portrait image of Kaoru Ishii

Pink's fine fabrics

"It's not just the look of the fabric, it is the way that it feels" - Kaoru Ishii, Head of Material Design

There is something very special about working with fabrics for bespoke. When we are choosing fabrics for ready-to-wear, we are looking for beautiful cloths that will stand the test of time.

With The Pink Bespoke, we are making a shirt just for you, meaning we can offer fabrics that may be rarer and more delicate than those in a ready-to-wear collection.

Bespoke Timeline

Step one: About you

1. About you

At Pink, we welcome you to visit 86a Meadow Road, located in the heart of London's Vauxhall. Come and meet our dedicated team and see how each shirt is lovingly made first-hand. Alternatively, please book an appointment in store.

2.Capturing you

We offer a fully bespoke service with approximately 24 distinct measurements taken to create a completely unique pattern cut just for you.

3.Over 400 fabrics

Choose amongst a selection of over 400 exquisite fabrics from the finest mills, selected from their specific purpose to best fit your needs.

4.Collars, cuffs & pockets

We invite you to choose from a variety of seven collars, three cuffs and three pocket options with our remarkable iconic Pink features. For formal occasions, we also offer bespoke evening shirts.


We charge a set-up fee of £100 covering the creation of your fitting shirt and potential alterations. Our shirts are then honestly priced according to the fabrics you choose. We never require a minimum order.

Seven Distinct Collars

"It's what's unseen that matters. Pink takes the greatest care to construct all of its 100% cotton shirt collars, with a floating interlining." - Richard Gibson, Production Director

Pink's collars are meticulously cut with ample space to frame the tie knot. The shirt points come to rest snug at the collar bone, creating a neat and masculine line.

Our signature, unstructured collars are created with a collar turning machine. This machine cuts the interlining, making the perfect shape, if you try to construct a floating interlining without one of these machines, the collar will not be sharp. The collar turning machine is customised to Pink's specifications, for a truly bespoke cut and shape.

Your Bespoke Pattern

"I love cutting shirts, I find them so fascinating to piece together. It's like doing a logic puzzle with every shirt, building the pattern until you can start to see the client's body." - Lizandra Cardoni, Bespoke Pattern Cutter

Few cutters can do a fully bespoke pattern, Pink do so for every single client. It is this passion for shirtmaking that ensures that no corners are cut for Pink's fully bespoke shirts. We build the pattern for each client from their own unique measurements and use a fitting shirt to perfect the fit.

Inside a Pink Shirtmaker store