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When a shirt is made by Pink, there are no corners cut. It's at every stage, from the specific construction techniques to the extra time taken on tailoring.

It's an active decision to make shirts the right way, avoiding the shortcuts that are easily taken. We believe that it is worth making a shirt well, and if anything, adding steps to the process.

We ask our tailors to slow down, taking time on the French side seams. At Pink, we cut our shirts differently, with one side seam for the body, another for the arm, which do not meet. It gives better fit, with literally more front to the shirt, and less bulking in the armpit. It also means that when the shirts are made, our tailors have to stop, reset, then start again. While others cut corners, Pink adds the extra effort.

Our tailors take the extra time to ensure every stripe and pattern matches. It’s why we cut our shirts with a lifted placket, a time-consuming technique that allows the tailors to align stripes and patterns with precision. The same attention is given to the collars, cuffs and indeed anywhere on the shirt where stripes and patterns should look seamless.

When a shirt is made by Pink, there are no corners cut

For the collar, Pink chooses not to take the easy option. Its collars are unfused, with a floating interlining that sits between the two layers of fabric. By spending the time to create an unfused collar, we add time to the lifespan of the shirt, its collar gradually moulding to the neck of the wearer.

And what about the famous Pink triangle? It does more than just reveal where your shirt is from. Sitting at the base of the side seam, this pink triangle strengthens the shirt, giving extra support to the seams when they're pulled or stretched. We believe it's a detail that should be used on shirts for all. Once again, corners not cut, extra care taken.

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