Why cotton matters to Pink


Pink is specific about where its cotton is grown. It is either from Giza, in Egypt, or Supima grown in California, USA. Both are known for their exceptional quality of cotton, both creating extra-long staple cotton with long individual fibres. The length of these cotton fibres creates a yarn that is both soft yet robust, that not only keeps its quality but which only softens with every wear.

Infographic describing Pink's cotton
Egyptian (Giza 45 and 47) cotton

Egyptian (Giza 45 & 87)

All of our cottons have long staple fibres, which means there are less exposed ends on the yarn. This is crucial to the long life of the shirt: cotton woven from shorter staple length is more likely to fray, pill and lose colour. Egyptian Cotton is an extra-long staple cotton, making it exceptionally soft, vibrant and high performance. The longest staples are Giza 45 and 87 Variety.

USA (Superior Pima)

Supima (Superior Pima) is an Extra Long Staple cotton known for its long and fine white fibres. It is grown mainly in California and its identifying characteristics are the absence of pollution of the fibres, due to mechanical harvesting, and a remarkable resistance to pilling.

USA (superior pima) cotton
West Indies cotton

The West Indies

One of the most ancient and precious cotton types in the world. Its production, equal to just 0.006% of the world’s long-staple cotton, is now concentrated mainly in Barbados, Antigua and Jamaica. The annual production of Sea Island Cotton is just 130 bales (110 million bales of cotton produced annually).

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There are four distinct fits at Pink – Classic, Slim, Tailored and Athletic. Between them, there’ll be a fit that’s perfect for pretty much everyone.

Pink has recalibrated its fits because we believe shirts matter. We want to do more than cookie-cutter our patterns. Pink has taken time and care to create these new fits for the perfect shirt. Pink has tailored each of its new fits to reflect the way men wear shirts today, setting a new fit standard in English shirtmaking. We hope you take pleasure in our intuitive new fits for the comfort they bring, their ease of wear, and the way they flatter any male form.

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