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It was acceptable in the 80s.

Perms, acid wash and channelling Duran Duran, were all acceptable decisions made in the 80s. Here at Pink we’re choosing to bring back the best of the era: its colours and iconic shirt styles. Making a statement amongst the financial districts where fortune favoured the bold , our shirts captured the spirit of our founding decade. The latest Winchester edit is a playful nod to our past, using our shirting expertise crafted here in London.

What's a Winchester?

The Winchester shirt has been a classic in a gentleman’s wardrobe for over a century. Easily recognisable by its contrasting white collar and cuffs, these were originally detachable and therefore easily replaceable, prolonging the life of the shirt. This is a service that we are proud to be reviving through our complimentary Collar & Cuff Repair Studio. The Winchester style gained popularity in the 1920s with a resurgence in the 1980s as a style worn throughout London’s Square Mile and by Gordon Gekko in ‘Wall Street’, before tone-on-tone collars became the norm.

Colour: The Pink Way

From the beginning, Pink has been adopted by the disrupters of the day due to the vivid colours available across our range. This edit captures the spirit of our founding years: using energetic hues to connect with the new breed making their mark in the city. Available in a rich navy, pink and powder blue these shirts favour the bold, just like the 80s.

Left over fabrics

Whenever we make our shirts, there's inevitably some unused fabric left behind. We don't want these premium fabric offcuts ending up in landfill, so we've decided to launch the Winchester edit. Authentically Pink, it's a bold move - but we think you're going to like it.