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What is the purpose of a shirt gusset?

The gusset acts as an anchor of the shirt.

How to tell a Pink shirt from other shirts

The signature of Pink is a mark of strength. It’s the pink gusset that, in the traditions of shirtmaking, reinforces the side seam. Think of it like an anchor: when you raise your arm or make any sudden movement with the side of your shirt, the triangle helps hold everything in place. The triangle has been the signature of a Pink shirt since the company was founded.

Off-Set Side Seams

The Pink signature reflects the nature of the shirt itself: it looks effortless, yet it actually takes time and effort to perfect. It’s a gusset that’s attached from underneath, folded into the French seam. It’s stitching that has to be done blind, with only the cutters’ skill to guide them.

Off-Set Side Seams

As with everything, Pink believes it’s worth taking this extra effort to create a side gusset that’s neat and elegant, a signature that’s assured and that shows to the world this is a shirt with the craftsmanship of Pink.