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On November 15th 2018, we re-opened our homes with a contemporary setting that provides a fresh canvas, against which our new collections live.

We will continue to open a series of new stores in major cities around the world, always in the neighbourhoods where we should be.

Fitting Services

Our fitting service allows you to make necessary adjustments to the fit of a chosen shirt from the Pink collection, improving the fit of the shirt either in the collar, arm or body length.


Our monogramming service can be applied to four different positions on the shirt, two points on the cuff, breast and torso. Monogramming offers the choice of block or script font, in one of five colours - white, navy, pink, pale blue or red.

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We believe in taking the extra effort to create shirts that are built to last.

Our stores are individual and intimate by design, run by dedicated teams with an understanding of the local area. Our client advisors build individualised relationships, through personal contact and through our online presence, offering a service that responds quickly and sensitively to their varying needs. Our relationships inform everything we do, from what our design studio produces to the regularly refreshed drops of products curated to ensure they appeal locally.

When it comes to packaging, we think from our client’s point of view. Starting in the store, shirts have been taken out of their boxes, welcoming a sense of approachability - an ironed shirt, hanging and ready to wear. When the shirt is taken home, there is no plastic bags, no pins, no plastic clips. Instead, we have introduced a cotton bag, for a soft way to take the shirt away, as well as soft folded gift boxes, for 1, 2 or 5 shirts. All are 100% recyclable and designed to be reused.

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