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What is the best stitch to use to make a shirt?

At Pink, we think we’ve come up with the best combination of stitches, read below to know what it is.

The stitches per inch

Pink shirts are sewn with 18 stitches per inch, the optimum number for both quality and durability But of course, any brand can talk about stitches per inch. There’s so much more about the way Pink constructs its shirts.

The use of a single needle lockstitch

Every seam on a Pink shirt is constructed using a single needle lockstitch. It means extra effort with Pink shirts taking around four times longer to construct than regular shirts.

Off-Set Side Seams

The use of a french seam

The new Pink chooses to use French seams throughout. It’s a complex stitch with a strong hold that leaves a smooth finish on the inside.

Off-Set Side Seams

As with everything, Pink believes it’s worth taking this extra effort to create a side gusset that’s neat and elegant, a signature that’s assured and that shows to the world this is a shirt with the craftsmanship of PinkWe actively ask our cutters to slow down, taking time to stitch the traditional French seams with finely turned hems. Examine your Pink shirt closely, and you’ll see at every point the fineness of the hand- stitching, the precision and the care.