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The focus is on clarity, with a definitive Pink collar designed in-house to actively flatter. All of our collars are constructed with floating interlinings, a complex technique chosen to create a collar that’s more durable and comfortable, only improving with each wear. The Pink construction is perfect for tie-wearers, with ample space to frame the tie knot. Just as important, the Pink collar will always keep its shape, never spreading flat when worn without a tie.

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The Pink cuff mirrors the shirt’s collar in different ways. It’s in the design, notched to emphasise the collar’s cutaway shape. It’s also in the construction, with every Pink cuff constructed with floating interlinings. Over time, it will keep its shape while also softening with every wash. The result is a cuff cut with deft elegance, making it both durable and a pleasure to wear.


There are numerous material factors which distinguish the superiority of a Pink shirt. We use only the best quality yarns and rich constructions along with our trademark soft finishing. Poplin fabrics are meticulously manufactured in plain weave, creating a shirting fabric that is so crisp you can hear it move, a quality that epitomises the old English shirt.

1920's Panel

Inspired by 1920s English evening shirts, Pink has subtly yet decisively evolved the cut of the shirt itself. At the bottom of the shirt, the front right panel curves under the left at the hem. Should the shirt ride up, the body remains concealed. It looks like a simple design decision, but it requires skilled hands to finish. Pink is one of the only shirtmakers left to do it.

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Matching Pattern

For Pink, the pattern has to match, even if it’s not normally noticed. Turn up the Pink collar: the pattern across the collar-stay matches. It’s as if it’s seamless, but Pink actually cuts a special square of fabric to match. Even if it’s usually unseen, the precision still matters. Matching patterns is a rare detail, achieved only by hand.


Pink shirts are sewn with 18 stitches per inch, the optimum number for both quality and durability. Our tailors take their time to stitch the traditional French seams with finely turned hems; creating the perfect balance between elegance and longevity.

Off-set Side Seam

Pink shirts have an offset side seam, tailor made for a more intuitive fit. Whichever cut suits your body, the off-set seam will help the shirt sit with comfort and elegance, allowing more fabric at the front, and helps the back of the shirt to sit flush. The off-set side seam is a huge commitment for Pink. Each side seam takes around six times as much work, always done with a single needle.

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Pink Signature

The signature of Pink is a mark of strength. It’s the Pink gusset that, in the traditions of shirtmaking, reinforces the side seam. Think of it like an anchor: when you raise your arm or make any sudden movement with the side of your shirt, the signature helps hold everything in place.

Split Yoke

Pink makes extra effort to split the yoke, cutting the yoke’s cotton on the diagonal, allowing slight stretch to accommodate the shoulder. It’s a tradition of English shirtmaking that Pink are proud to continue. Crucially, the pattern matches perfectly across the yoke, and where it meets the sleeves.


Pink believes that buttons matter, and so does the way they’re attached. We use Trocas shell buttons, which have each been individually polished to remove black spots from their underside. First, Pink buttons are cross-stitched to the shirt. Then, in a separate procedure, these stitches are whipped and heat-sealed firmly in place. You’ve got better things to worry about than if your button is going to fall off. Pink’s buttons are so secure, they should stay in place for the whole life-span of the Pink shirt.

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