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The focus is on clarity, with a definitive Pink collar that flatters. We have cut an assured line that not only looks elegant, it also serves a purpose. The collar is slightly curved to the tip, helping it sit in place. The point of the Pink collar specifically comes to rest snug at the collarbone, creating a neat and masculine line.

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The notch is a pure moment of aesthetics. We chose the notched cuff to echo the smooth curve of the collar. Notched cuffs have long been a mark of distinction in shirts. It’s a tradition that we are proud to continue.


All of our cotton comes from either Giza or Supima, suppliers of the finest cotton in the world. It’s woven in Switzerland or Italy, creating a fabric of a very pure white with little contamination.

1920's Panel

Inspired by 1920’s English evening shirts, we have subtly yet decisively evolved the cut of the shirt itself. At the bottom of the shirt, the front right panel curves under the left at the hem. Should the shirt ride up, the body remains concealed.

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Matching Pattern

Pattern matching is an obsession for Pink, even if it’s not normally noticed. It’s about creating a sense of balance, and perfection in design. There are seven key points where the patterns match on our shirts: shirt front and front placket; shoulder to sleeve; the split yoke; sleeve to sleeve placket; side seams; under the collar.


Pink shirts are sewn with 18 stitches per inch, the optimum number for both quality and durability. 18 stitches per inch equals strength. Any more, and it would weaken the shirt. Imagine a perforated tear line: too many stitches per inch, and the seam becomes fragile.

Off-set Side Seam

The arm, the body: they’re different. Why do most other shirts connect them with one seam? Pink shirts have an offset side seam, tailor made for a more intuitive fit.

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Pink Triangle

The signature of Pink is a mark of strength. It’s the pink gusset that, in the traditions of shirtmaking, reinforces the side seam. Think of it like an anchor: when you raise your arm, or make any sudden movement with the side of your shirt, the triangle helps hold everything in place.

Split Yoke

Pink makes the extra effort to split the yoke, cutting the yoke’s cotton on the diagonal, allowing slight stretch to accommodate the shoulder. It’s a tradition of English shirtmaking that PINK are proud to continue. Crucially, the pattern matches perfectly across the yoke, and where it meets the sleeves.


We believe that buttons matter, and so does the way they’re attached. We use Mother of Pearl buttons, which have each been individually polished to remove black spots from their underside.

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