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How do you make a strong shirt cuff?

We think the secret is to make a cuff the same way you make a collar

Why the cuff is so important to us

Cuffs can be unloved. They have a tough job, deal with relentless wear and tear, spend much of their time mostly hidden beneath suit sleeves. For some shirtmakers, they’re like an afterthought.

At Pink, we pay as much attention to the cuff as we do the collar. As with the collar, Pink cuffs are created either with a fused interlining for our Athletic fits, as this is the best solution for stretch fabrics, or unfused with a floating interlining for all of our 100% cotton shirts.

Off-Set Side Seams

The Interlining

The floating interlining of Pink’s cuffs mean they are constructed with both elegance and toughness. The cuff is built to endure, indeed only softening and improving with age. It takes a true cutter’s skill to construct a cuff with a floating interlining, painstaking work that is entirely invisible. The result is a hardworking, elegant cuff for a shirt that should last a lifetime.

Barrel Cuff

The cuff mirrors the collar not just in construction, but also in aesthetics. For barrel cuffs, Pink cuts them with a distinctive notch, echoing the shape of the Pink collar. In the end, it’s both about the invisible balance of internal construction, and the visible harmony of design.

Winchester Collar Image