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What type of shirt collar is the best?

Here at Pink we think a floating interlining is the answer and this is why

Pink’s creative director John Ray has cut an assured line for the Pink collar. It’s smart and effortless. The focus is on clarity, with a definite Pink collar that flatters. It is cut specifically with ample space to frame the tie knot. The shirt points come to rest snug at the collar bone, creating a neat and masculine line. It’s smart and effortless. Actually, it takes great tailoring skill to create a collar that looks this good and serves such purpose.

A floating interlining

Often with shirtmaking, it’s what’s unseen that matters. Pink takes the greatest care to construct all of its collars, choosing for its 100% cotton shirt to do so with a floating interlining. It sounds like a minor detail, but it’s so important and you will see why now.

Fused collars are the norm in shirtmaking. The fabric is bonded onto the interlining using heat, glue and pressure. Pink uses this process for its Athletic and stretch shirts because it’s the best solution for shirts that have some stretch in cotton.

For all of our 100% cotton shirts, Pink brings traditional technique of English shirtmaking into the 21st century. These collars are constructed unfused with a floating interlining, a technically complex construction that makes the collar more durable, more wearable. It brings the collar to life.

Collar Image

A collar that lasts

You’ll notice the difference on the first wear. As time passes, the unfused collar will only improve with age, gradually moulding to the shape of the wearers neck. The construction makes the collar always sit with a roll, like the crest of a wave, letting the tie sit comfortably beneath. This also prevents the collar from spreading flat: wear the shirt without a tie, and the collar will still sit as if there’s a tie there.

Pink’s unfused collars are made from ten pattern pieces. When you wear the Pink shirt, you won’t see these pieces, but you’ll feel their benefit. It’s these unseen acts that make a Pink shirt built to last.

Winchester Collar Image

Pink Loves
Winchester Collars

Winchester collars – a white collar on a coloured, patterned or striped shirt – came about through necessity. When a collar needed replacing, rather than attempting to match the pattern, the replacement collar would always be white.
The resulting combination has a smartness of its own, leading to shirts cut from the beginning with Winchester collars. “It’s great how the Winchester highlights the shape of the Pink collar,” says creative director John Ray

How to Match your
Shirt and Tie

Pink was founded on a love of colour. Today, this passion is as strong as ever, and really comes to play when combining shirts with ties. It’s a chance to build a shirt and tie wardrobe of pieces that can be interchanged, trying a myriad of combinations and contrasts.
Try matching fine blue stripes with the vivid deep red of a knit tie, where the stitches act like a pattern all by themselves.

Matching shirt and tie Image