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What is so special about a split yoke?

A split yoke allows the shirt to fit and sit better and this is why.

How Pink goes that bit extra

Pink makes the extra effort to split the yoke, the pattern piece that sits across the back of the shoulders. Pink cuts the yoke’s cotton on the diagonal, allowing slight stretch to accommodate the shoulder. It’s a tradition of English shirtmaking that Pink is proud to continue, the beauty of the split yoke most visible when on a striped or patterned shirt. Crucially, the pattern has to match perfectly not only across the yoke, but also where the yoke meets the sleeves.

Colour: The importance of subtle shades

When it comes to colour, subtlety is equally as important to Pink as shades that are vivid. Often, it’s about finding eloquence in softer combinations, and choosing colours that may be quieter, but have just as much impact. This is also true when the Pink design team are selecting shades of white. Some striped shirts zing with the crispest white. Other shirts tell a more understated tale. For Pink, every single colour is actively chosen, even if it’s one that speaks with a soft voice.

Off-Set Side Seams

Why Pink believes in traditional braces

Creative Director John Ray is an advocate for traditional braces. “I believe more men should wear traditional braces,’ he says. ”The appeal is twofold. I like a traditional cut of trouser. I also like the graphic effect of the braces when you wear them. They add another layer to how you put together your outfit.” Pink only sells traditional braces. As well as trousers cut with belt loops, Pink also sells trousers cut with buttons for traditional braces.