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Our Four Classic Block Fits
  • Mens Classic


    Our original, the one that started it all... a classic fit. The cut is generous with a long tail that stays tucked in. Our signature Pink (literally pink) fabric creates a 'gusset' at the base of the side seams. Once you see these popping out you know you need to tuck your shirt in! A split yoke across the shoulders ensures comfort and style whatever the setting.
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  • Slim Fit

    slim fit

    Pink's Slim Fit takes the classic and gives it a contemporary tailored cut. The fitted finish is created with additional contoured panels on either side. Inspired by a well-fitted jacket, our Slim Fit shirts look great and are comfortable to wear. Perfect with a tie or open-necked, tuck it in or let it all hang about easy.
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  • Slim Fit

    super slim fit

    This is the most contemporary shirt shape in the range with a shorter bluff finish at the collar points and narrower cuff detail. Tailored cut with slimmer chest, waist and hip, dart detail and inverted back seam. Designed for customers who want a close fitting shirt. This shirt is available in stretch and non-stretch.
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  • Mens Casual


    Our Casual shirts are cut in a relaxed style to ensure you look and feel relaxed. A bit looser but not in the truly ‘baggy’ sense, they are sure to become old favourites. Look for our latest, double-washed soft casual shirts which are cut a bit more contoured and contemporary. Available in S, M, L, XL and XXL sizing in one sleeve length.
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Our Range of Styles:

  • Men's Polo


    When you don’t feel like buttoning up a perfect Pink shirt why not throw on one of our comfortable Polos. Featuring a soft collar and grosgrain detailing, our Polos are a perfect fit anywhere.
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  • Men's Evening


    Our Evening shirts are cut on both a Classic, Slim Fit and Super Slim Fit block and feature impeccable detailing. Available in a range of styles and collars with pleated or ‘Marcella’ textured cotton ‘bib’ fronts. Choose from hidden buttons or traditional stud plackets.
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  • Men's Traveller


    Set off in style with Pink’s Traveller. With a special finish to minimise creasing and Pink’s classic 2-fold cotton to keep you looking crisp and cool, you can be sure that you’ll step off the plane looking as sharp as when you took off!
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  • Men's Short Sleeve

    short sleeve

    For warmer weather we've really shortened the sleeves on our Classic style. A true short-sleeve dress shirt - worn with a tie... and perhaps a pair of 'Bermuda' shorts!
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