As part of our season celebrating the pink, white and blue shirt, we asked world renowned photographer Dylan Thomas to present an alternative view of these traditional shirt colours. This was his approach...

“I wanted to go beyond just the colour, the cut and the clean look, and instead to unleash their inner beauty. So I cut them all up! Threw them in the air! And as I witnessed them fluttering and floundering, I wanted to capture what makes these shirts so special - their depth, their sheer excellence, their fundamental attention to detail.”

Dylan presents his favourite “cut” of pink, white and blue from the collection…

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The Photographer

Dylan Thomas has decades of experience bringing out deep beauty in things that have become familiar - from renowned homes, famous politicians, landscapes all over the world, and the everyday. Working today with most of the world's top photographic titles and editors, Dylan also served for many years as Lord Snowdon's assistant, giving him rich insight in how to observe and capture a uniquely varied perspective on life.