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How do you match stripes on a shirt?

With a high level of skill and patience. It’s the simplest test of a Pink shirt.

Why should stripes meet?

It’s the simplest test of a Pink shirt. Take one of our striped shirts and examine some specific seams. Where stripes meet, they match. It’s a level of perfection we demand of every shirt, starting from the moment the pattern is placed and the fabric is cut, right through to its construction.

Off-Set Side Seams

Why are matching seams so important?

These matching patterns are not only crucial to our cutter’s commitment to the perfect shirt. They also create a sense of balance. If patterns don’t match in crucial places, the shirt seems off kilter. We believe that the elegance and ease of wearing a shirt comes from a sense of balance, and a job done right.

Check for yourself. There are some key areas on a striped shirt:

The Placket

The placket runs down the centre of the shirt, the place for buttonholes. It’s the focal point of the shirt, its central line, so Pink makes the extra effort here to ensure patterns match.

Winchester Collar Image
Winchester Collar Image

The Gauntlet

The sleeve above the cuff is an area of complex design that should seem easy. Part of this comes from a matching pattern of the gauntlet – the triangle-ended strip of fabric that lines and holds the sleeve opening.

Shoulder to Sleeve

It’s here that the craft of shirtmaking is on full display, where the rounded sleeve meets the flat yoke across the shoulder. Two very different shapes, which Pink centrally matches, creating as much harmony of stripe as possible before they naturally distort around the curve.

Winchester Collar Image
Winchester Collar Image

Under the Collar

Matching the shirt under the collar is a point of pride for Pink. Few ever see under their shirt collar, yet the matching there matters for us just as much. Turn up your shirt collar, and you’ll find the pattern across the collar stay matches. It’s as if its seamless, but Pink’s cutters actually cut a special piece to match and create this detail of perfection.