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How can a shirt seam make a better fit?

We believe it is an off-set seam that is the answer and this is why:

The difference between the body and the arm

The arm, the body: they’re different. Why do most other shirts connect them with one seam, running through the armpit? Pink believes that shirts should be cut to allow for the body. That’s why Pink shirts have an offset side seam – with one seam for the arm, and another for the body, set separate from each other in the armpit – tailormade for a more intuitive fit.

“Most other shirts have the same amount of fabric at the front and back,” says Richard Gibson, Pink’s Production Director. Richard has a long history of shirtmaking, knowledge that he has brought to help create the perfect Pink shirt. “Our shirts are different. With an off-set side seam, the Pink shirt literally has more front.”

Whatever shape you’re in, men need more fabric at the front. The off-set side seam is an act of logic: it fits men’s bodies. The off-set side seam also helps the back sit flush. Pink’s off-set seams also prevent lumpiness in the armpit. When seams meet, they create bulk. The off-set seams allow the shirt to sit smoothly. “It massively improves the fit of every single Pink shirt,” says Richard. “Fabric no longer gathers in a mass at the back, and the excess is no longer pulled round the front.”

Off-Set Side Seams

The craft involved in an off-set seam

Why has no-one thought of this before? Because it takes a commitment to time and craftsmanship. Each off-set side seam takes around six times as much work, always done with a single needle lockstitch. As with every seam on a Pink shirt, the cutters use French seams, a time-consuming seam that gives a smooth finish on the inside, making it even more comfortable to wear.

The off-set side seam is a quiet revolution in shirtmaking, a detail you’ll feel the benefits from as soon as you wear a new Pink shirt.