A medium sized knot that should end up looking like a symmetrical triangle.
A knot perfect for standard collared shirts at any occasion.

    Our Guide

    Step 1 - Prepare your tie
  1. Prepare Your Tie
  2. Hang your skinny tie around your neck making sure the wide end is about a third longer than the narrow end.

    Step 2 - Cross Over
  3. Cross Over
  4. Cross the wide end over the narrow.

    Step 3 - First Loop
  5. First Loop
  6. Bring up and turn down through loop.

    Step 4 - Wind Round Front
  7. Wind Round Front
  8. Pass the wide end around front from left to right.

    Step 5 - Through The Loop
  9. Through The Loop
  10. Then up through the loop.

    Step 6 - Knot And Tighten
  11. Knot And Tighten
  12. And down through knot in front. Tighten carefully and draw up to collar.