Our Guide

    Step 1 - Prepare your bow tie
  1. Prepare Your Bow Tie
  2. Start with the end in your right hand extending approximately one and half inches below that of the one in your left.

    Step 2 - Cross Over
  3. Cross Over
  4. Cross the longer end over the shorter and pass up through the loop. Rest the long end over your shoulder.

    Step 3 - First Loop
  5. First Loop
  6. To form the front loop of the bow, double up the shorter end, placing across the collar and hold in place with your forefinger.

    Step 4 - Second Loop
  7. Second Loop
  8. Now drop the long end down over the front. Snap the wide ends of the bow shut and lightly pull away. This should leave a loop at the back.

    Step 5 - Through The Loop
  9. Through The Loop
  10. Take the top of the hanging piece of tie and thread it through the loop created at the back.

    Step 6 - Knot And Tighten
  11. Knot And Tighten
  12. Once through, even out the ends and tighten.