Pink Fit Guide

Let’s talk about fits, because Pink is proud of the fresh cut of its shirts.

It’s simple: there are four distinct fits at Pink – Classic, Slim, Tailored and Athletic. Between them, there’ll be a fit that’s perfect for pretty much everyone.

Pink has recalibrated its fits because we believe shirts matter. We want to do more than cookie-cutter our patterns. Pink has taken time and care to create these new fits for the perfect shirt.

Pink has tailored each of its new fits to reflect the way men wear shirts today, setting a new fit standard in English shirtmaking.

We hope you take pleasure in our intuitive new fits for the comfort they bring, their ease of wear, and the way they flatter any male form.

Why not pop to a Pink store. Our staff will be happy to spend the time to find the perfect fit you can rely on time and again.

Classic fit Pink shirt


A shirt for everyone, with only the subtlest inclination at the waist.

There’s enough room in the Classic for pretty much all body shapes, always with a British sharpness to the cut.

The Classic is true to its name: an updated take on the first ever shirts produced by Pink when it was founded in 1984.

For many, the Classic will be their standard for the working week. Why not also consider the Classic cut for weekend, worn open over a white T-shirt?

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Slim fit Pink shirt


Pink’s most slender fit, staying true to the body and tapering at the waist.

It’s a shirt for those wanting a genuine slim fit: indeed it’s one of the slimmest fitting shirts on the market today.

It’s a truly slim shirt for those that used to wear “super-slim”: let’s leave the name “super” to the fantasies of action heroes.

The Slim shirt is perfect for those wanting a sleek office look, or to create a fine line in evening.

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Tailored fit Pink shirt


The Pink Tailored shirt has an elegantly tapered waist for a neat silhouette, with slightly more room in the chest and body.

It’s the perfect shirt for those who want a fitted line with that bit more room for movement.

The Pink Tailored shirt is perfect for those that used to wear “slim”, renamed to reflect the precision of our tailor’s craft - It takes true skill to create such a refined, tailored fit.

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Athletic fit Pink shirt


The Athletic is a Pink mainstay, cut proud for those who retain an active lifestyle.

It’s the shirt for those with a developed upper body and slender waist, with room at the hip to prevent the shirt coming untucked.

Loved and worn by active men around the globe, the Athletic is perfect for when you leave the gym to head back to your desk.

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