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Pink's Classic Fit Shirt


The Pink shirt that’s truly for everyone, cut to fit all body shapes with only the subtlest inclination at the waist. The Classic has noble presence when worn formally with suit and tie. Why not try the Classic unbuttoned and untucked, its volume creating a neat style contrast with everything else in your look.

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A fitted shirt with a masculine tailored line: the essential for the working week. There’s room in the chest to ensure ease of movement, before the shirt tapers at the waist for a sharp line. The fit of the sleeves is neat, the back is cut slightly shorter, with no excess cloth.

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Pink's Athletic Fit Shirts


Cut proudly for those who live an active lifestyle, the Athletic shirt is a Pink mainstay with a specific line. The Athletic has space in the chest for a developed upper body, which then tapers to a slender waist. To finish, there’s room at the hips to prevent the shirt from untucking.

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The slimmest of Pink’s fits: cut close to the body. A tapered waist and neat fitting sleeves create a clean silhouette. The ideal fit for a sleek office look, or to create a fine line in evening.

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