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At Blackhorse Lane Ateliers, we’ve found a team of highly skilled denim technicians who share our obsessive attention to detail and dedication to producing the best garment possible. For both Pink and BHL, quality is always prioritised over quantity and we’re in agreement that although the time consuming, labour intensive techniques aren’t the fastest way to manufacture, they ensure the final product is built for a lifetime of use. Our shared ethos of combining traditional and innovative processes made it clear that BHL was the ideal place for Pink to create our new Made in London jeans.

Limited Edition Red Selvedge Denim Jeans

The Process

Based in Walthamstow, London, BHL opened its doors in April 2016. Armed with 25 years of experience in the textile industry, Han Ates launched the atelier with the intention of producing a range of ready-to-wear, selvedge jeans made from organic raw denim. The first person to make jeans in London for over 50 years, his vision has now become a roaring success.

The Denim

Selvedge denim is woven on original shuttle Looms to produce a tighter, more durable fabric. The production deliberately leaves the hallmark selvedge at the edges of the fabric roll to authenticate the denim’s superior quality (bringing to mind the rolls of shirting fabric that line the Pink bespoke studio).

The Fly

Creating the fly from one continuous piece of denim (as opposed to the method used in fast fashion – which favours two pieces sewn together to reduce costs) makes the fly much stronger and more durable.

The Pockets

The pockets are reinforced with a facing to make them more durable. Wearers of denim will recognise that there’s no obvious decorative stitching on the back pockets of our Pink jeans – we’ve chosen instead to gives ours a more subtle signature. Straight lines have been stitched on the inside of the pockets instead, referencing our shirting stripes. Over time as the denim softens with wear, these will become more visible and given a unique, embossed effect.

The Inside Leg

There is no overlocking needed with selvedge denim, so the inside legs have a much cleaner appearance and more robust quality. Finishing a pair of jeans in this way requires a level of precise construction most often seen in traditional tailoring.

The Patch

Staying faithful to the traditions of denim, the leather patch - sourced in London and hand stamped with Pink’s signature 1984 branding - is applied during the waistband construction.

The Pocket Bag

The cotton pockets of each pair of Pink jeans have been printed with our branding in an east London studio. Once finished, the size and style name of every pair is handwritten on the pocketing by the artisan maker at BHL. Touches like this make our Made in London denim so much more authentic.

Shop our limited edition Made in London jeans here. Only 15 have been made.


Size Waist Hem Inside Leg
30 38.5 18.1 86
32 41 18.4 86
33 42.3 18.6 86
34 43.5 18.7 86
36 46 19 86


Size Waist Hem Inside Leg
30 15.2 7.1 33.9
32 16.1 7.2 33.9
33 16.6 7.3 33.9
34 17.1 7.4 33.9
36 18.1 7.5 33.9

How to care for your Pink x Blackhorse Lane jeans:

When to wash?

It’s usually recommended that you wait until you’ve worn a new pair of jeans for six months before washing. We know this just isn’t realistic, so we recommend you wait as long as you can. The longer you can go without washing, the stronger your unique jean fingerprint will be.

If you want to postpone the need to wash your jeans, you can also use the following product to help: – Mr. Black Denim Refresh: This helps to minimise how often you need to wash your jeans.

Should you get a small stain on your jeans, but they aren’t ready for a wash yet, simply spot clean with a very small amount of dish soap, water, and a dark towel or sponge.

Worried that your jeans will lose indigo? That’s the joy of denim. Indigo does not penetrate the yarns fully, so it will inevitably fade with wear and washing.

Be careful as the indigo may transfer to light coloured fabrics.

Washing liquid options

Independent of which washing technique you use, there are a few different washing liquids we recommend. All of these options look after the indigo in your jeans, keeping them darker for longer:

– Mr Black Denim Wash: Plant-based antibacterial denim wash specially formulated for use on your denim jeans. A light wash to help prolong your denim’s life.

– Dr Bronner’s Pure-Castille Liquid Soap: An organic option available at many organic grocery stores.

– Woolite Darks: A mainstream solution for preventing fading and shrinkage.

How to hand wash & dry

Why hand wash? Your jeans retain more of the starch, making your fingerprint more pronounced.

1.Turn your jeans inside out. Though this technique doesn’t have machine agitation, turning your jeans inside out helps protect the indigo threads from abrasion.

2. Fill your bucket or bathtub with just enough water to submerge your jeans. Don’t use any more than you need to. Warm or cold water is fine. You may get less vertical shrinkage with cold water, but no matter what, your jeans shouldn’t shrink more than 3% in the length.

3: Add a small amount of your washing liquid of choice to the water & mix. You’re only washing one garment so take that into your dosage calculations.

4: Lay your jeans flat in the tub, or gently push them into the bucket.

5: Agitate your jeans gently in the bucket or tub to loosen up any grime.

6: If your jeans are floating in the tub, you can use weights to keep them submerged.

7: Wait 45 minutes. When you come back, the water is going to be greenish-brown. This is normal.

8: Empty the bath or bucket, then give your jeans a quick rinse to get out the washing liquid.

9: Roll-up your jeans in a (dark) bath towel to soak up excess water.

10: Hang your jeans to dry. Do not put them on a radiator to dry as this will damage the leather patch.

How to machine wash & dry

Why machine wash? Your jeans will soften sooner, show off their bright blue tones, and have a more homogeneous, evenly faded look.

1. Turn your jeans inside out. You want to minimise abrasion to your indigo threads.

2. Wash at 30 celsius maximum. You may get less vertical shrinkage with cold water, but no matter what, your jeans shouldn’t shrink more than 3% in the length. Choose a short cycle that minimises tumbling and spinning to keep your jeans darker for longer.

3. We recommend hang drying your jeans.

4. Want to iron your jeans? That’s ok!