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A Fresh Chapter

From the beginning, Pink has taken pride in the way we wear shirts.

Today, the new Pink is once again proud of its shirts in whole new ways, drawing inspiration from the spirit of our founding principles. The new Pink champions the traditions of English shirtmaking in the 21st century. We believe in taking the extra effort to create shirts that are built to last.

We have taken a clean-slate approach to rebuilding our brand, reaffirming our identity while remaining faithful to its founding spirit. We have assembled the design studio from scratch, paring the company back to its founding principles so we can focus on doing what we do best: creating shirts that are built to last.

A fresh chapter for Pink Shirtmaker
Model wearing Pink Shirtmaker's shirt

We believe in taking the extra effort to create shirts that are built to last.

There are numerous material factors which distinguish the superiority of a Pink shirt. We use only the best quality yarns and rich constructions along with our trademark soft finishing. Poplin fabrics are meticulously manufactured in plain weave, creating a shirting fabric that is so crisp you can hear it move, a quality that epitomises the old English shirt. There are design details particular to Pink: offset side seams, which create more volume in the front of the shirt than in the back; a P-shaped front hem, curving the fabric to ensure that it comfortably covers the stomach when sitting; and the Pink collar with its gentle roll at the top, creating a more elegant line and allowing more room for a tie. In short, we create products of exceptional quality, products that we are passionate about, products that are full of meaning and emotion.

Ultimately, it’s the personal experience of owning and wearing a Pink shirt that distinguishes it, from the sensation of wearing it to the familiarity of its place at the heart of your wardrobe. We subscribe to the belief that a well-made shirt is an investment: an exquisitely made staple as reliable, versatile, and one that should serve its owner beautifully for many years.

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