Collars and Cuffs

The all-important finishing touches to a shirt require detailing and meticulous craftsmanship.

Semi-cut Away

semi-cutaway collar

- The most traditional collar
- Allows any tie to stand proud
- Works equally well when top button is undone

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Cut Away

cutaway collar

- A contemporary collar
- Fashioned a bit wider to allow a fuller knot
- Looks splendid with no tie, under a blazer

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Button Down

button down collar

- Fastened to the shirt with a button on each collar point
- Effortlessly stylish under a sweater with casual trousers
- Confound convention by adding a suit and tie

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Extreme Cut Away

Extreme CutAway collar

- A wider take on the cutaway collar
- Often referred to as the Italian collar
- Subtly frames the face and draws attention to your tie

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Wing collar

- Designed specifically for an evening shirt
- Shows off the full run of a bow tie
- Wings should sit ‘horizontally’ and not point up to the chin

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Short Point

short point collar

- Smallest collar to sit with the super slim fit

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Independent collar

- Deeper and more substantia collar stand construction
- Designed to be worn independently without a tie

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Button Cuff

button cuff

- Cuff with 1 or 2 button fastening
- Buttoned gauntlet

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Double Cuff

double cuff

- Designed to be worn with cufflinks or cuff knots
- Also referred to as a French cuff

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